womanizer your private delight
The collaboration of a lifetime! Womanizer and Lily Allen have teamed up to celebrate female pleasure and wipe out the social stigma surrounding their sexuality.
UK singer and songwriter Lily Allen is known for being authentic, rebellious, and outspoken. Her latest album 'No Shame' was released in 2018, followed by her most recent world tour. Later that year, Lily published her captivating autobiography 'My Thoughts Exactly.' Here, she shared her deeply personal journey to a fulfilled sex life and how Womanizer played an important role.
There's no shame, everyone should feel free to seek their sexual fulfillment and it's your time to shine. With Lily's own Womanizer Liberty, pleasure and sexual enthusiasm are yours to experience.
Featuring the original patented Pleasure Air Technology that has taken the world by storm and made Womanizer a near household name, using air pulses rather than relying on conventional vibrations to create contact free clitoral stimulation! You can easily experience multiple orgasms in one session!
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